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Patrick Scheibe

Patrick Scheibe

Patrick Scheibe started using Mathematica in 2002 while studying computer science at Leipzig University. Later, he developed image processing algorithms with Mathematica and MathLink for his diploma thesis and has since then used the Wolfram Language in nearly all parts of his work. Currently, he is a researcher at the Saxonian Incubator for Clinical Research in Leipzig, where he analyzes image data of clinical experiments.

His interests mainly include mathematical modeling, data processing and visualization, as well as parallel algorithms and the Mathematica compiler. Patrick is the developer of the Wolfram Language plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, a free development environment for Wolfram Language package code.

Besides his research projects, Patrick is an active answerer of questions posted on Mathematica Stack Exchange, where his contributions rank him as a top user. He wrote the javascript highlighter for Wolfram Language code used by Stack Exchange and Wolfram Community.

Patrick has seminar teaching experience, including an introductory Mathematica seminar at the university level, and he has been an invited speaker at Mathematica events.


Saxonian Incubator for Clinical Translation, Leipzig, Germany


Diploma in Computer Science, Leipzig University


German, English