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Enrique García Moreno Esteva

Enrique García Moreno Esteva

Enrique started using Mathematica in the year 2000 while teaching mathematics at Wheeling Jesuit University and became a Wolfram certified instructor soon after. He spent several years developing computer-based educational programs and teaching college-level mathematics and computer science in the United States. He now works independently in Finland and is affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Enrique uses Mathematica and the Wolfram Language extensively in his work and his research, analyzing all kinds of data and doing lexical analyses, video analyses, statistical analyses and machine learning-based analyses of data. Initially, he worked predominantly in graph theory. Most recently, he uses the Wolfram Language extensively in number theory, doing experimental mathematics with very large numbers.


University of Helsinki and independent Mathematica consultant, Helsinki, Finland


MA in Mathematics Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
PhD in Mathematics, CINVESTAV, Mexico


English, Spanish, Finnish, French, some German


Travel, hiking and mountain climbing