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Abrita Chakravarty

Abrita Chakravarty

Abrita Chakravarty is a Training and Development Specialist with the Wolfram U team. She has been a Wolfram Certified Instructor since 2016. She develops and updates content for various Wolfram U courses and webinars and regularly teaches at Wolfram boot camps, training courses and daily study groups.

Prior to joining Wolfram U, Abrita was with the Wolfram Technology Group, where she provided advanced technical support to Wolfram Language users and worked on Technical Services projects developing applications for both clients and in-house use.

Abrita studied computational biology in graduate school and also pursued her interests in computer science education. Her teaching experience consists of both in-person lectures and lab sessions as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses, as well as an online instruction for Duke University’s Talent Identification Program. She is passionate about encouraging young students to learn programming through various academic outreach programs.


Wolfram Research, Inc., Champaign, Illinois


BS in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology, India
MS in Computer Science, Duke University, North Carolina


English, Hindi, Bengali


Instructional technology and design, educational software development, designing picture books